10 Signs That He Is Too Much Into You

10 Signs That He Is Too Much Into You

When a girl loves you can see it in her eyes and when a guy loves you, you can see it everywhere. Guys are vocal about their feelings by the mode of their gestures and will do simply anything for you if they truly, honestly, deeply love you.

You’re in his future talks always: Whether it is about 2 years down the lines or 40, when there is a talk about his future, you’re a part of it.


He is never afraid to make you meet his friends: Rather all his friends know about you and are quite excited to meet you because he has said such amazing things about you.


He sometimes cancels his Saturday night boys outing for you: Because he understands that sometimes giving you priority over them is important.


You 2 can be seen out together in public and are not a secret. He does not mind if his far-flung uncle or ex-girlfriend sees you together.
When he talks to you, you can see it in his eyes: He is always staring at you and thinks of you as the most beautiful person ever.


He will be initiating a lot of your plans together: You won’t be the only one planning all those dates. As soon as he finds any time, he will be quick enough to plan something with you.
Driving a distance just to meet you is not a big deal because he takes it as a gesture and not a task. So travelling just to pick you up from office is also OK sometimes.
His mom knows about you two: He will let his mom know that you 2 are a thing will try to make her like you somehow.
He will make sure that you talk daily and will make an effort to find out sometime from his schedule just for a little “US” time.
He texts you in the middle of the day for no reasons just because he feels so and tells you that he loves you because he actually really does.


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