10 Signs That Prove You Are Addicted To Drama!

10 Signs That Prove You Are Addicted To Drama!

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D-R-A-M-A, you live for this five letter word. What is life without drama if not but a boring series of events! You constantly complain about how you don’t like drama but it just seems to follow you around but you’re fooling nobody darling, not even yourself. It’s ok to like what you like, don’t apologise for it besides you would kill yourself if your life was that uninteresting. These signs prove you’re definitely addicted to DRAMA!

1. You somehow always find yourself in middle of other people’s fights and arguments.


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You’re not the one that caused it because you would never do something like that but you’re still involved in it, one way or the other. You just want everyone to get long, you really can’t help interfering!

2. You make it a point to know everything about everyone!


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How else will you keep a track of what’s going on in everyone else’s life and if they need your attention or help! People should listen to you because you’re very worldly that way and you give great advice!

3. You complain about being surrounded by drama all the time but if you’re being honest, you actually kind of love it.


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You feel excited and thrilled because of all the drama that surrounds you. It keeps you interested in an otherwise dull and mind-numbing life.

4. You try to make every day of your life interesting in some way or the other.


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You are the kind of person who cannot bear a dreary moment in their lives. You constantly strive to make every single day different and stimulating.

5. You love making new friends and being a part of a whole new set of people’s DRAMA!


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It gives you great joy when a whole set of new characters are unveiled to you. You love getting to know different people and the intricacies of their life.

6. You constantly get into fights with your friends and significant other.


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You cannot let things just pass without making a comment on them. If something bothers you, instead of suppressing it you will voice your opinion which will eventually lead to fight but you can’t really help it. That’s just who you are.

7. You’re the office gossip and always the centre of attention.


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You know who makes what amount and who hates whom. You also know who’s dating whom and how against the office policy it is. You’ve made it your life mission to know everything that goes on in the office premises.

8. You casually threaten people if they try to cross a line with you!


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No one and absolutely no one messes with you! You will turn their life into a living hell even if they as much as try to cross a line with you or make an off hand comment.

9. You make a mountain of a mole hill a.k.a. exaggerate everything!


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You build up situations till they get out of control and crush everything in their wake. You don’t know the meaning of simple and small. Besides the way you see it, the story was absolutely boring till you added your spice to it.

10. You feel like you’re seriously misunderstood and no one gets you!


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No one gets what you’re going through! Your life can be very difficult and people are always complaining about how you do nothing to resolve your own issues. If only they walked a mile in your shoes they would know the goddamn truth!