10 Signs That Tell You Are The Good Girl In The Group

10 Signs That Tell You Are The Good Girl In The Group

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‘You are the GOOD GIRL in the group’ tag is often given to the girl in the group who attends all the lectures, gives all the proxy and makes sure that all her friends reach back home safely. Basically, the good girl is the MOMMY of the group who wants only one thing, Bhala of all the fellow group mates! Check out the points below to know if you are that GOOD GIRL:
1. When an assignment needs to be submitted, all heads and eyes turn your way because you are to complete it first.

2. You just can not say the word NO to anyone for any god damn thing.
3. No guy in the group looks at you as a girlfriend because all the boys take you as their sister. ​


​4. Every time there is a fight in the group you self-volunteer to sort it out by any means.
5. You consider it as your farz to inform everybody in the group about the important class announcements.
6. Everybody ends up pulling your cheeks because they find you Oh-so-Cute!
7. You are convincing other girl’s parents because they trust you more than their own child.
8. And you have been told to alot of times: “Isko bhi kuch sikha de Beta!”
9. You are the one taking the beer bottles from your friend’s hands saying “Bas bohot ho gaya”​
​10. No matter how hard you wanna get out of this ‘You are the GOOD GIRL in the group’ image, you just can not because you are obsessed with being a GOOD GIRL.


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