10 Signs That You Are A Complete Daddy’s Girl

10 Signs That You Are A Complete Daddy’s Girl

He is the first man of your life and the best man too. Father/ Dad/ Papa no matter how you call him he is irreplaceable man in your life and the one who will stay forever. It’s always vice- versa with him. You run after him, he does the same. You feel like pampering him, he pampers you in return.

So, here are few points to tell that how you have found your perfect match in your dad:


1. He knows what exactly get that smile on your face every time.


2. You always look up to him when looking for an advice.


3. He is your vent out when you are emotionally low and the instant up as well.


4. He pampers you like no one else and your each wish has been his demand, always!


5. He has taught you how to fight back in life and that’s what make you so strong today.



6. Where he is your backbone, he is your biggest weakness too.


7. You might not listen to anyone in your life but with him, you are all ears.


8. And vice-versa! He is all ears to all your blabber since inception.


9. When he is around the whole world seems in place & stable.


10. P.S- You love him a bit more than your mom! Oops. I said it.


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