10 Signs That You Are A Lazy Ass

10 Signs That You Are A Lazy Ass

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“Bhaag daud bhari zindagi mein thakna mana hai..”

A famous tagline that aspires to motivate us but in life of a lazy soul, it doesn’t make much of a difference. You can feel sleepy anytime, anywhere. You get tired very easily and the simplest of a task feels like a TASK. Life of a lazy one is not at all easy and this is what happens then:


1. Cancelled plans are your favourite plans. #Nomoregettingoutofbed!

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2. Typing on WhatsApp or messenger is more like a task for you.


3. You are always looking for shortcuts or mid-ways!


4. Or you end up postponing things.


5. Skipping a shower on a day or two is a no big deal.


6. You would prefer to feel hungry rather than getting up to get food.


7. No doubt! Sleeping is your favorite task.


8. You always keep stuff for the last moment.


9. You never became friends with disciplined people.


10. Because your laziness never let you reach on time anywhere!



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