10 Signs That You Are Always Excited About Everything

10 Signs That You Are Always Excited About Everything

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“Excited main aedda, Excited main aedda, Excited main aedda..”  This Honey Singh song might be your favorite or one of the favorites on your list! Because only you can understand the real excitement behind it. 😛

So, yes if you are an impulsive soul then you’ll understand how great it is to be excited about everything all the time:


1. You always end up ordering more at a restaurant because tasty food and menu excites you!


2. And same goes for shopping! You buy more than you want or buy even if you don’t need to.


3. Your Facebook speaks aloud of your daily mood swings. *Excited to tell you all*


4. Your friends count on you while making spontaneous plans!


5. You declared about finding your true love in your fourth grade itself! *Excitement level-100*


6. People cook noodles in 2 minutes, you take the biggest decisions of your life in that much time!


7. You are a quick thinker and witty in your replies.


8. You never get a normal haircut. It has to be a new wacky look every time.


9. And same goes for your fashion. Your excitement gets you the latest trends before anyone else.


10. Your excitement gives you a quirky personality and people around you are always as chirpy as you!