10 Signs To Check That You Are FINALLY Growing Up

10 Signs To Check That You Are FINALLY Growing Up

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All our life we wait to be an adult and finally feel how it is to be a ‘grown up’? So, really hows it? Many of us feel, “Yaar bache hi theek the!” But there is something more to it, something that is adding to your life while you are growing up all this time:


1. Finally you don’t think 100 times but only twice to make a decision.


2. You have got much clarity on what you want in life and WHAT NOT.


3. You understand people come and go in life but life moves on and so you.


4. You are cool with not being in a relation or being in one. It’s okay however it is!


5. You have started accepting things and not feel imposed by them.


6. Now you understand the meaning of priorities.


7. And the importance of savings and finances.


8. Even your parents find you reliable. BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT.



9. You realize mistakes, getting scolded and failures, all are part of your learning.


10. Now you like taking responsibilities and proving that you can do it!


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