10 Signs You Are A True Fashionista

10 Signs You Are A True Fashionista

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How many of us are confident about their looks? Or how many of you can guarantee to look perfect every day? Mmm… Not sure? Then let’s see what goes in a fashionista’s life, who is always prim from tip to toe, who always enjoyed second glances  and who is there inside each one of you!
Here we explore 10 signs of a fashionholic, how many you have?

1. You are a half stylist for your friends and complete for yourself!


2. You aren’t scared of experimenting with your style.


3. And that’s why you have explored many new styles of your own!


4. You get eyes rolling whenever step into a party.


5. People often ask you from where you shop!


6. And it might result into this!


7. But you are always confident about yourself as style speaks but personality is always louder.


8. Being fashionable is an added feather in your hat of success. After all you should look while people appreciate!


9. You are use to have compliments and still get butterflies in your stomach!


10. You know all the latest fashion rules and believe in breaking them to make new ones!


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