10 Signs You Are An Absolute Sleepyhead

10 Signs You Are An Absolute Sleepyhead

“Sona kitna sona hai.. Sone jaisa tera tann..” , “Oh mere sona re sona re sona re..”

Songs like these or anything that talks about sona reminds you of sleep. Just sleep! You eat sleep, pray sleep, live sleep. You are a sleepyhead and love nothing more than your sleep. Can’t believe?

Check for the following:


1. You are always looking for a back rest while sitting or standing.

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2. Your eyes are always dizzy and you feel high on sleep.

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3. You were one of the back benchers at your school.

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4. Headache was your patent excuse to do head down and sleep during the class.

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5. You have the hardest time while getting up in the morning.


6. Weekends are the only days that exist for you in the entire week.


7. Once you are asleep, no phone call or alarm clock can wake you up!


8. You miss half of your parties as you don’t want to lose on your night sleep.


9. You literally believe in the ‘8-Hour Sleep Concept.’


10. And can stretch that limit till whatever time you want!


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