10 Signs You Are An Obsessed Selfie Addict

10 Signs You Are An Obsessed Selfie Addict

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Being selfish is not good in life but being SELFIE-ISH is something we can’t really ignore! I mean how can you resist to click when you don that red lips after soooo long or how you can control to capture your biceps when look at the progress in your gym mirror! We all have to agree, clicking selfies are like a daily chore and of course we love to do it!

Here see how:

1. For you every occasion is incomplete without a selfie!


2. And you are supposed to be clicked at every place! Washrooms are your favorite. 😛


3. Morning selfies and Good night selfies are patent for every day.


4. Not only people, food is also your favorite selfie partner.


5. You believe selfies help to capture your everyday perfect looks!


6. Selfies help you to be less conscious about your looks.


7. For you group-fies are a must but selfies are inevitable! <3


8. You love solo selfies and don’t like to share the screen space!


9. Selfies make you learn about your weirdest of expressions!


10. P.S- You are a certified a selfie-ish person now!



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