10 Signs You Are Perfectly Happy Being Alone And By Yourself

10 Signs You Are Perfectly Happy Being Alone And By Yourself

If having a human soul around a 10 yard vicinity of your presence is something that bothers you, you belong to this category of people who’re happy with solitude or living alone! So read it through and see if you relate to these.


1. Happiness is Home Couch: You see a true and endearing friend in that couch with which you practically spend all your time doing absolutely nothing and yet enjoy every minute of it!



2. It’s B-E-A-uty “full” day: You find yourself overwhelmed on the days when there is nobody at home. Just you and your tanhayee and yes, you 2 can talk forever!


3. Harvey Specter is you idol: Every time you watch Suits, you have a crush on Harvey for how he has lived his life in solitude and loves every bit of it and then your thought bubbles tell you “Yeah! that’s me.”



4. Love = Liability: Commitment talks (for that matter even mention if the word) annoys you to another level. It’s simply suffocating for you to think that someone is going to be near you for some time.



5. Comfort Zone: You’ve well explored the fact that being by your own is comfort! You keep on bragging how peaceful life is when nobody is around (Of course to your own self!)



6. Agony Aunt: When it comes down to suggestions and queries there’s only one person you can rely on: YOU. You’re your own adviser and you know you’ll make the right call when it comes down to life decisions for yourself.


7. Socializing is a big “NO-NO”: Your parents have officially stopped asking you out to tag along for parties for they know the prompt response is gonna be “NO”.



8. Earpods & Books: Feeling complete in the presence of these two gives you a sense of joy and you’re zoned out when your ear plugs and a book is given out to you.



9. Crazy-Corner: Even if you’re dragged down to a social gathering you find yourself a walled area where you can’t be in people’s eyes and there’s that again, you and your tanhayee chit-chatting.

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10. Bucket-List: You’ve got your bucket list in place and there’s no room for somebody with you. You wanna just go out and live your life on your own terms. You’re content with yourself and that’s all you need.



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