10 Signs You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

10 Signs You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

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“Main aaj bhi usse dekhti hun toh kuch kuch hota hai..” , “Kaash uss din hume lade na hote..” , these are some common thoughts that cross our minds when we are still in love with our ex-flame. It’s nothing bad about it but you might face the following changes in you:

1. You are still hovering over his/her Facebook account and played the ‘block-unblock’ game.


2. Even after the photo deletion process, you have kept at least one picture of you two.


3. You are not over his habits or memories or voice or touch or anything.


4. You haven’t thrown his/her gifts or cards.


5. You are still fond of his fragrance and clothes that are with you.




6. No amount of alcohol or dates or friends can make you forget him.


7. You have done all unsuccessful attempts of not to call or text him.


8. You often visit places where you both use to hang out together.


9. You are still friends with his/her friends just to know a little about him/her or to get a chance to talk about them.


10. You still hope it’s not over and you both will get back together! “May be it’s all just a nightmare.’




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