10 Signs You Are The Chirpy ‘Geet’ From Jab We Met

10 Signs You Are The Chirpy ‘Geet’ From Jab We Met

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We all meet few people in our lives whose impact is indispensable and irreplaceable. They enter your life to make it better in almost all possible ways. They are convincing in their thoughts, magically attractive and you can never ever be ignorant towards them! Why? Because you won’t be able to, find them in your life:

1. You don’t need a company to talk to! You are much better alone.



2. To be with you is all about Entertainment.Entertainment. Entertainment.



3. Mostly you are a problem solver but can be a problem creator too!



4. But still you are an agony aunt to rely upon at all the times.



5. You lend advice to make people’s life better and merrier.



6. With your vivacious personality you inspire the thought, ‘Live and let live!’



7. You are a chick with guts and daring!



8. You are chirpy, charming and true to yourself no matter what.



9. It’s by default that you think from heart first and then brain.



10. And that what makes you favorite of all!

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