10 Signs You Are Too Much & Totally Into Each Other

10 Signs You Are Too Much & Totally Into Each Other

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Love is the only one thing that we can’t live without. It’s our daily doze of living and when you have already found your perfect one, the World seems to be a better place. Your World revolves around that someone special and in every moment you aspire to be around him/her. Here’s what happens when it gets too much:


1. You guys are never found without each other.



2. Friends know inviting one means it will always be a two!



3. And if one can’t make up for an occasion other might skip it too.



4. Friends feel its better to have both you around than just one.



5. It just that you feel better as two and complete a moment!



6. You both are always connected with texts or call.



7. And if not then all thanks to years of experience and telepathy.



8. You do what makes your partner feel good about and keep him/her first. Always.



9. All the present and future plans have been said and done.



10. You both mean the world to each other and there is no space for a outsider! Ever.


So, are you into each other? Share with your better half!

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