10 Signs You Can’t Live Without Your Kajal

10 Signs You Can’t Live Without Your Kajal

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Kajal is one thing that girls can’t do without. It’s not an exact cosmetic and has a lot of natural beauty to it. May be that’s why most of us don’t mind applying it. Love for kajal can turn in to an obsession and can give you the following signs:


1. One stroke is never enough for you. You like big & bold eyes.




2. You don’t step out without putting your kajal or keeping it in bag.


3. You consider putting kajal as an art and perfect it day by day.


4. At every party, your friends get their eye make up done from you.


5. You watch Kajal application tutorials on YouTube for new experiments.


6. You have tried all the kajal brands and found your calling in that perfect one!


7. When you don’t put kajal, people ask, “Are you ill or have been crying too much?”


8. You hate your kajal being smudged and correct it immediately.


9.  Days without kajal are like, you without yourself.


10. You have been so much in love with your kajal that now it feels like your own skin!