10 Styling Lessons Every Woman Can Learn from Sonam Kapoor

10 Styling Lessons Every Woman Can Learn from Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor has forever been a fashion inspiration for all of us. Starting from the way she carries herself to the confidence that she has while wearing something completely different and edgy, all of it is just perfect. Here are 10 things that we all can learn from her!

Travel Diaries: No matter on what mode you are on, looking absolutely dapper requires talent and Sonam manages to always maintain that.
Ethnic Touch: When you style your outfits for any occasion, always remember your roots and go for ethnic touch. It gives you an edge over everybody like Sonam does in most of her ensembles.
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Casual Chic: Even if it is just a day out with friends, do not forget that chic is the way to go. Learn this talent from Sonam and you’ll always be casual ready.
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Award Ready: Walking the red carpets and perfecting your outfit when all the paparazzi are following you is difficult but Sonam has always managed to sweep us off on that side too.
Fusing the Fusion: When she adds a hint of fusion to her otherwise contemporary outfit she just looks gorgeous and the way she carries it is commendable on every level.
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Company Corporate: When trying on a corporate outfit, looking your best with the sophistication and yet fashionable enough to rock it takes courage. Learn the tactics from her and you can never fail.
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Access Accessories: Access to accessories always makes your outfit look stunning and the way Sonam Kapoor carries them is beyond any body’s fashionable understanding.
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Turban Twist: Thinking of giving your hair a relaxed day? Go the turban way like Sonam. Look at the glorified way in which she wears the turban and looks extremely gorgeous.

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Perfecting Lace: Do not shy away from showing those body curves with the lacey dress that you have and sheer from which everybody gets a sneak in!
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Girl Next Door: Since being fashionable does not only mean looking good at parties, experimenting in your girl next door look also makes you look amazing.

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Image Source: Sonam Kapoor Instagram