10 Super Cool Ways to Deal with Bullshit

10 Super Cool Ways to Deal with Bullshit

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How often do we all deal with bullshit with anger and just frustrate ourselves over trivial things by others that simply should not impact us at all. So here I have come up with 10 uber cool ways to deal with the bullshit stupid people make you go through. Learn and Practice is the mantra!

1. Shield it with Sarcasm: Sarcasm is the best armour a person can always carry. Imagine some bull shit crops up your way and you have simply the best response with your sarcastic powers. Like a *STAR*


2. Ignorance is Bliss: If there are times when you’re tired of framing sarcastic remarks, just know ignoring the comment is the best practice to shut up the bullshitter’s bullshit.
3. LOLing: Do not say anything. No words required. Just simply laugh out loud and let the other person keep on thinking what happened.
4. That Stern Stare: Again follow the no words policy and as soon as you receive a bullshit remark just give the bullshitter the sternest stare ever possible.
5. The Pleasure of Feet Stomping: Imagine a bullshit comment coming your way and all you do is stomp your feet fiercely on ground and its disappeared. A life in heaven with no bullshit!
6. Never Bothered Attitude: How perfect it would be to always have a not-bothered look on your face when anything extremely stupid comes your way. That gives you the room to excuse yourself from the trouble of being affected by anything.
7. Finding Positivity in Life: The best way to curb your anger for tolerance against bullshit is finding something positive and putting all your energy into that and just being happy.
8. Be the Hipster By Taking Control: Take control of the situation in your hand. Think of excellent ways like the reciprocating dialogue or the last line in conversation and deal with it with style.
9. Sing a Rhetorical Song: How perfect it would be if someone could just respond the stupidity with a random song which has no connection to the entire conversation and ta-da it is all in drain!
10. Smooth Sailing: Stay CALM and sail smooth through all bullshit. Simple and easy.