10 Surprising Things To Happen If You’re In A Relationship With A...

10 Surprising Things To Happen If You’re In A Relationship With A Dog Lover

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Dating is a tricky world. They’re all kinds of people- introverts, party animals, explorers who love to travel, animal lovers and then there are dog lovers. Dog lovers, like dogs, are a whole different species of humans and you should know dating a dog person is going to be a whole other ball game. (No, not the ball games she plays with her dog- although that will happen too!)
Be rest assured, if you are in a relationship with a dog lover, she will be kind, compassionate and patient and an amazing person to be with. However, you should also be prepared to face the following situations that will arise when your person of interest has a furry friend in her life:


1. Sharing Time

You’re going to be sharing a lot of your time with that dog because he’s not going anywhere no matter how much you want.
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2. Impressions Matter

Impressing her dog is going to be one major hurdle to overcome and trust me his opinion about you is going to matter. You’re after all dating the dog in extension too.


3. You’re a Family

Before you realize it you’re a “daddy” to that dog and don’t you ever dare to think of him as anything else apart from another family member. He means the world to her and you’re going to have to accept that.


4. Three Isn’t a Crowd

You’re going to see instances where you just cuddle up with her on the couch or sofa and her gigantic dog jumps in between to make space for himself and rest his heavy body on you.


5. Fighting is Normal

As absurd as it may sound, many a times you’re going to have fights over the dog (it could be anything from his loud barking to his hygiene to his mere presence every time) and you’re going to be jealous that little sly cute thing always swings the argument in his favor. (Please refer to “puppy eyes” weapon in aforementioned point.)

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6. Partying means staying in

Just when you’ve geared up for that evening out with your girl to hit the streets and have some fun, that little pooch will give you both his best puppy eyes and you’re going to relent and stay in to watch a movie indoors.


7. You’re doing things you didn’t sign up for

If you’re never owned a dog in your life, this is the perfect opportunity to learn what raising a dog is like. You’re going to be bathing him, taking him for walks, finding your slippers have been chewed on, suffering his tantrums and sometimes even cleaning his mess.


8. You’re Staying Fit

You can forget worrying about the days you forget hitting the gym or doing cardio because walking and running around with that dog is good exercise. He’s making sure you’re getting your dose of fresh air and workout by running after every car he can see.


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9. You’re going to see things- unspeakable things!

You’re going to see your girl speak in a high pitched voice muttering nonsensical syllables to her dog and you’ll have to join in, he’ll lick you and her all over your face and you’re expected to oblige and sometimes you’re going to have to sift through his waste to find your valuable keys he swallowed with his dinner!


10. You’ll know the Kind of Parent You’d Make

One of the best things about daring a dog lover is that you’ll know what kind of a parent you’d be because raising a dog is no different than raising a child. It’ll help you mature and you’ll know if you’re actually commitment ready or not!

Dating a dog lover will help you explore various sides of your personality as well and you’ll be ready to handle life’s responsibilities a lot more easily. It could be one of the best things that happen to you and you surely won’t regret having welcomed that special girl with her very special friend in your life.