10 Things All Single Career Driven Women Secretly Want But Don’t Say

10 Things All Single Career Driven Women Secretly Want But Don’t Say

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There’s a new breed of young women who are focused, career driver, independent and self-sufficient. They play the games by their own rules and are confident in their own skin. However, most of them are also single. They are married to their work and know their priorities right. It is this single minded focus that makes them incredibly successful.

But let’s face it. Everyone has their own set of needs and desires that can be fulfilled by having a loving partner or by simply just being in great company. Just because these women are career driven that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be in committed relationships. They don’t need a man to run their lives but they do want someone to share the simple joys with. Here are a few things all these women want but will never ever say!

1. We want to feel needed and trusted and have someone we can trust.


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Helping someone out often brings great joy and everyone needs to feel needed from time to time. Giving advice to a friend or helping them with their sorrows in any little way brings a sense of accomplishment. We want to feel like other people genuinely need us. We want to be there for other people.

2. We want to miss someone and be missed.


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The sentiment of missing someone is inexplicable. The feeling of butterflies that you get in the gut of your stomach is a good reminder of our emotions. Independent, focused women tend to stray away from relationships but knowing that your heart desires somebody even though you might never be with them feels remarkable.

Knowing someone misses us and wants to be close to us gives us a warm glow from within. It feels good to be missed particularly when you’re feeling down. It makes us feel special and loved and there is no better feeling in the world.

3. We want the world to stop fretting about our singledom.


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Why is the world so scared of strong, free willed single women?    Why does a woman need a man on her arms? We are single because we like being single. We want to take our time picking the right man and be absolutely sure about him. Is that really so difficult to understand?

4. We want people to stop acting like there’s something missing in our lives.


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wwe are single, we are successful, we are happy! Just because we aren’t in a committed relationship doesn’t mean there is a void in our lives. We will find a man when the time is right. Meanwhile being single allows us the freedom that is necessary for us to succeed and accomplish tasks that we first set out to complete.

5. We want someone to message us just because..


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A simple good morning or good night message could light up our day. Just knowing someone is thinking of you and someone cares is enough. We want to be the reason for someone’s smile and the last person on someone’s mind before they sleep.

6. We want to be spontaneous!


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The nitty gritty of our daily work routine gets onto us. There’s nothing better than being surprised and taking off on a trip at a moment’s notice. It’s fun and extemporaneous! If a friend surprises us with a random road trip, you know we’ll be the first on board.

7. We want to cook with someone.


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Cooking is therapy for few and there is nothing better than coming home and cooking with the person you love. Preparing elaborate meals for just you feels pointless and having someone to share the joys of your cooking with makes the experience all the more better.

8. We want to share our experiences with someone.


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We want someone to ask us how our day was and actually care. We want to share what we went through even if it is something as stupid as having an argument at work. Just a two minute conversation can lift up our spirits considerably.

9. We want our men to be chivalrous.


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There is this misconstrued notion that all independent women are feminazis and that is complete bullshit. Just because we are self-dependent and want equal rights doesn’t mean we are crazy. We still believe in the traditional notion of chivalry. Someone pulling the chair out for us or buying us a drink feels good by strangers and friends alike.

10. We want to be proven wrong!


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We are so used to always being right – no sarcasm intended! That we feel like we wouldn’t mind being proven wrong once in a while. Most single women have been hurt in the past and are afraid of jumping into committed relationships but we want to be proven wrong and we want to know that not all men are alike and that there is someone out there for us.