10 Things Boyfriends Want Their Girlfriends To Know

10 Things Boyfriends Want Their Girlfriends To Know

Women think we can read minds or at least we do try to read our boyfriend’s minds. But when they can not, they simply create their own scenarios in mind and imagine things. However, we have cracked the boyfriend code and have discovered some amazing revelations. Read on to know more:

There are times when we get tired of trying to impress you. So either do not ask us if you look fat or if you do ask us for the millionth time, we will say the truth.
No we do not like to go to shopping with you. I mean yes, we do go with you but that is only because we know the repercussions of saying NO.
There are times when we are just not in a mood to fight or discuss or talk about a certain thing. Pushing it again and again is not going to help it.
We will be angry and upset and have cranky reactions to you going out with your ex boyfriend or that office colleague you find hot. We get really jealous!
We cry. To be honest, we are bigger emotional fools than you and when you say those hurtful things like how we are insensitive and will forget everything if you leave make us teary-eyed.
We need to be with our friends! They are our bros and we cannot think of how you want us to spend all our times with you. Give us some space and let us be with our friends too.
No, we do not want you to have sex with us all the time. There is only a certain time that we want it. We agree it must be more than you would want but it definitely is not all the time.
We should be just allowed to sometimes check out other girls. We are not running and chasing them and of course we are into a relationship with you but a little bit of tossing the eyes should be allowed.
We love being complimented. Starting from how amazing our moustache looks to how good we made you feel last night in bed. All of it makes us amazingly happy.
You are the best girl ever possible and we are glad that we get to have you. JUST STAY with us forever!


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