10 Things You Must Never Say To An October Born

10 Things You Must Never Say To An October Born

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Spontaneous, independent folks with a bit of ego visible on their faces, known for their impulsive personality, these October borns couldn’t be more prim & proper. Competition makes them go on but even the worst fear of losing won’t make them cheat. Romance runs in their blood but it takes guts to afford them!

Go ahead with these 10 never-to-be-said things if you want to have it easy with these Octoberites.

Red Or Blue, Which One Should I Don Today?

Did you just expect one of these to help you with making a choice? You couldn’t have committed a bigger blunder! A person who spends exhaustive long hours self-debating, obsessively weighing the pros and cons and lastly coming to a conclusion that he can never conclude anything, how can he help you make a choice? Being indecisive runs in their veins.


Money Can’t Buy Happiness

But a diamond served on some 20k gold platter can buy zillions of jealous faces, and that’s more than enough. Call them materialistic and they’ll take that as a compliment. If they can afford it, why not flaunt it!


Let’s Strike Up A Fight!

If you’re planning to jump into a heated conversation with somebody, better not take them along or be ready to lose. Instead of looking for stronger arguments, they’d give their foes a hug and say, ” Let’s make up buddy!”. Losing temper is a thing that happens to them once in a blue moon. Who knows if they might be the human version of pigeons – born peacemakers!


Could You Be A Little Biased And Help Me Win?

Buy them that pair of shoes they’d been eyeing on for ages, offer them ten family packs of their favorite flavored ice-cream or get them hooked up with their crush, they’re not gonna flip over to your side. Try convincing them to ditch their morals and they’d bombard you with their lectures on equality.


I’m Going Out With My Ex, But He’s Just A Friend

If only you want them go spy on you, never let them smell even a tint of infidelity. A combo of insane obsessiveness and fierce loyalty, makes these Octoberites crazy lovers!


Are You The Favorite Of Yours?

Your tongue might crave to blurt out a similar remark when you catch an Octoberite staring at himself in the mirror, but just don’t let it do so! Yes, they’re charismatic and yes, they’re proud of it. So, what’s wrong with being vain?


I Don’t Think You Did It Right

Did you just try to correct them? Woah woah woah, congrats on igniting their ego mode. I know you were just trying to lend some constructive criticism, but their opinionated attitude won’t spare you now. Rest In Peace, dear!


You Should Listen To Your Intuition

“Ever heard of a thing present in between ears? Yeah, that’s call brain, and we believe in using that.”


You Think You Can Manage To Do That?

You think they won’t be pissed off and bestow every ounce of their energy to prove you wrong? Guess what, your thoughts are gonna turn upside down.


You Should Stop Taking Remarks Too Personally

If only letting go of things without getting offended was that easy for them. Said something unpleasant months ago? Don’t worry, they’re still mad at you!