10 Things That Naturally Popular Kids do in College

10 Things That Naturally Popular Kids do in College

College life is the most coolest phase in all our lives. And we all see a certain set of people who are famous in the college and admire them a lot. However, that popular kid could be you. Just check out what these popular kids do differently so that they become famous in the college:


Be vocal and be heard.


The popular kids generally put forth their views and opinions. With that they also make sure that they choose the right way to do it so that they are heard by the people.


Participate in things.

Go out and be a part of something important. Be it a dance troop or your college band. They become a part of things where they get into everyone’s eyes.


Be close to seniors.


Everyone in college looks out for their seniors. The popular kids make it a point that they are in a regular touch with the seniors and are being seen with them.


Keep up with the teachers.


You might think that in college the professors and teachers are not important. But that is not true. Being close to them and hanging around them always help. Bonus point: No attendance issues.


Balancing the studies.

Extra-curricular activities are important but at the same time they also focus on their studies. They understand that bad publicity is no publicity.


Be confident and dress up well.


We will be telling a lie if we say that looks have nothing to do with popularity. Popular kids are often well dressed and very confident about whatever they carry on themselves. And that truly counts.


Being a part of a group.


The popular kids are attentive and see to who is the good group in the college. They ensure that they hang out with the right kind of people that will add to their personality.




We know it sounds cliched and so Mean Girls kinds, but it really works. A popular kid in your college will always be dating another popular girl or guy. This works for them as it adds upto their popularity.


Do not try too hard.

Those famous chums will make a point that they do not show it to people that they are really trying. They act very cool and casual and make their way above.


Do not care about it.


Genuinely, popular or not popular it does not make a whole lot of a difference until that is all you are doing in the college. In 3 years, you will be gone and so will be all. So chill.