10 Things Only A Sarcastic Person Can Relate To

10 Things Only A Sarcastic Person Can Relate To

This article is for those sarcastic souls (like me) awakening them to the pointers that will make you realize that now you have crossed borderline sarcasm and are being over-sarcastic. This reality check is important because ‘we’ sarcastic lads have no idea when we have gone over board.

1. The I DON’T CARE phase: You are singing your own sarcasm songs and the person comes to a point where he/ she is not responding to anything and just says I DON’T CARE means they’re done dealing with you.
FYI: They still do care.


2. Taking an Offence: While sarcastic people boast their sarcasm skills, people at the receiving end might take an offence. So, get a hint and bas aage mat badho. 
3. No Secrets: Your nature being so sarcastic, your friends stop sharing their secret with you as they might receive criticism.
4. No Arguments: Though I know sarcastic ones are taking pride in this point but how monotonous life would be without any arguments? How’re you gonna respond now?
5. No TALK Zone: Starting from the no care zone, you enter the no talking zone where in your friend’s are upset with you that they might unfriend you on Facebook.
6. Intimidated Friends: The same people who were your best friends post your over-sarcastic comments might start thinking of you as intimidating.
7. Blame Game: Then there might be times when you’re not sarcastic but because of your past records, you’re always accused of sarcasm.
8.  Hello Stranger: There might be times when your friends make you meet up their enemies because they want you to take up their case. And you happily do that.
9. The Advisory: Your sarcasm has made you the Sarcasm Guru and people approach you to seek responses how well to answer questions.
P.S- In the most subtle tone with maximum hurt.
10. Tone it Down: You have been requested to tone down your sarcasm levels but in reality you know that this is the least you can DO!


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