10 Things only Coffee Addicts Understand

10 Things only Coffee Addicts Understand

There are some people who are completely and irrevocably in love with coffee. There is nothing more they want than a cup of coffee in their lives and YES! I am one of them. If you are also that kind of a person then know that you are suffering from ‘Obsessive Coffee Disorder’ and here are the symptoms of the same:

You just need your morning coffee exactly at 10 am. There are no delays to that.


For you, morning coffee, afternoon coffee, evening coffee, pre-dinner coffee, post dinner coffee all area thing and you want them all.
Seasons change but your love for coffee only goes from hot coffee to cold coffee. But coffee remains staple drink.
You always wonder how there are people who have an addiction or tea when something as miraculous as coffee exists in the world.
As soon as it rains, the first thought in your mind is always, “Where’s my coffee?”


The concept of adding low coffee beans to your coffee, for you, is the worst concept ever. Why do it when you have so much coffee?
When in Starbucks ordering your coffee, you never look at the menu and are always too sure of what you want because it’s always fixed.
Sometimes even your server knows how you like your coffee because you’re so regular there.
When out with your boyfriend, your favourite thing to do is go on a coffee date. That’s your perfect idea of romance.
Anyone who ever tells you to ‘Quit Coffee’ is your enemy forever!


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