10 Things Only Long Distance Relationship Couples Understand

10 Things Only Long Distance Relationship Couples Understand

Since forever long distance relationships have been a topic of debate and the constant debate has led to so much thinking around the feasibility of having a LDR. Here is a list of few things only couples in LDR can understand.

Loyalty Questions: Every time there is distance, there is a doubt. A doubt that arises that will this person remain loyal despite being away!
No Weekend Plans: When your friends are busy planning date nights. you realize that you have no partner to do out on any of your date nights and you’re along sulking and binging on ice cream.


Night Calling Minutes and Extra Talktime: As soon as your lover leaves, you realizes the worth of prepaid plans with extra talktime and STD/ ISD numbers and that is incredibly amazing.
Zero Intimacy: Since no physical presence of your partner is around, the absence of intimacy literally kills. Those nights that you need hug and that longing for kisses is inexplicable.
Constant Petty Issues Fights: No phone call fight, no reply to the text fight, why did not you wish me good morning fight, why did not you call me back fight. Always there are constant fights badgering in between the relationship.
Too Much-Missing: Then there are nights when all you could think about is that date where he fed me with red velvet cake, that awesome long drive, our song and so much more. Major Missing happens!
Confusing Future Signals: You both never understand what the future has in store for you? You’re always confused about how your future might shape up, if you two will end up together?
Love For Skype Dates: You become so technology dependent that you start having skype date nights where you have a complete date arrangement and sip your wine as you Skype!
Mindset of not being able to work it out: This is such a generic notion that long-distances do not work that in your mind you are already contemplating if it is going to end which leads to Point 5.
Time Zone Management: You start learning importance of GMT + 5:30 and how the clocks of other countries work and adjust your schedule accordingly since that is the only way you have to communicate with your lover.


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