10 Things Our Parents Need To Stop Worry About

10 Things Our Parents Need To Stop Worry About

For our dearest parents as they say we will always remain kids, so they still literally pamper us like kids. But to all our mummies and papas, we have actually grown up and now its high-time for you to know that you as parents need to stop worry about everything we do. Especially the below mentioned pointers:

1. When do we wake up is a task that our alarm clock well knows and we hate to be waking up early when we were up late night studying!
2. We understand your concern over being safe, but we can be out till 11 pm at night and trust us we will ensure we’re safe.
3. No street food is a sure-shot NO, which we understood when we were 15. Now we are 18 and hence, we love going out to good restaurants to eat good food.
4. Our friends are an amazing company. We understand the fact that we have made mistakes before about choosing wrong friends, but now we are sure we want to be with these “crazy monkeys” forever.
5. Yes, we are dating and we know our limits. We also know that you will throw us out of house in case something wrong happens, so we ensure that things don’t reach out to that levels.
6. We know we have a lot of clothes in our cupboard and we will wear them without you having to remind us of that.
7. I do take bath everyday. I know my hygiene matters a lot but what time I decide to bathe has nothing to do with my hygiene. So lets stop worrying about that part.
8. Time-Table is a thing of past. Now we know when do we have to study and when can we go out to roam around. So you making a time-table and we adhering to that is so not happening.
9. Talking over the phone at 1 am with a guy is not a crime and will not make me a bad girl in the society. I am just friends with him.
10. Being on Facebook does not essentially imply that I am busy stalking girls or liking pictures, Facebook now is our news portal too. So, we are just being updated.



This is a sincere plea from all your children. So, teens who all AGREE to this, go make your parents read it. May be they’ll understand you someday.

Source: Tumblr.com and Pinterest