10 Things People Obsessed With Black Will Relate To

10 Things People Obsessed With Black Will Relate To

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I’m wondering if my obsession with the color black is actually a mania or if such a mania exists. I can’t get away from the color. I’m not goth, emo, or obsessed with vampires. I just find that when I am shopping I always get black things. Most of my clothes are black (the ones that aren’t I hardly ever wear). My blankets, sheets, and pillow cases are black. My purse is black. I dye my hair black. My cat is black. If I want something and I can’t find it in black it drives me crazy. I just feel more comfortable when I am surrounded by the color. If I’m wearing something that isn’t black, or am surrounded by a different color, I can’t relax. I’m not sure where it comes from, as I said, I’m not doing it because of any kind of dark image I’m trying to have. I’m just obsessed with the color!

Isn’t it something that goes in your mind whenever you think that you are obsessed with black?? I’m sure you are like me… below points must have definitely happened with you- I BET!


1. People often ask you if you only have a short set of clothes, because you’re wearing black mostly.
2.When people ask you why you’re always wearing black,in a sarcastic tone you say,”Taki nazar na lag jaye :’D”
3. You can’t help but choose everything black. Be it clothes,accessories,or even gadgets.
4. You are often asked by nerds what’s your favorite color and even after repeating several times you’re asked again. Because according to them black isn’t a color, it absorbs all colors and doesn’t reflect them.
5. Some people have even asked you to ‘try’ colors other than black to get a ‘change’. But nothing helps.
6. You’ve had people calling you ‘tantrik‘ and you’ve dealt with rumors claiming you do black magic.
7. You can easily spot the difference between ‘kinds’ of black where they’re all the same to other people.
8. You become irritated when someone gifts you something that’s not black.
9. A reason Holi isn’t your favorite festival.

10. People often confuse you with emos or punk people.
11. But in the end, you accept nature in its beautiful colors, making you an adjustable and a strong being.