10 Things People Who Love Winters Will Relate To

10 Things People Who Love Winters Will Relate To

While we all were waiting for winters to come, it came and it came with a bang! Like all of a sudden, and this weather change is making winter lovers going gaga over it. You are all set and pumped up for this amazing weather and here are few things you look forward to:


1. You are all set to feel warm and cozy in your woollens.

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2. Diwali, Christmas, New Year- all festivities are the gift from the winters.

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3. You say bye to flies, insects and mosquitoes!


4. And hi to tea and coffee.


5. The season of sarson da saag and makki di roti is here.



6. You feel guilt-free while skipping showers!



7. It’s time to dawn your baggy sweaters and sexy boots!


8. You enjoy being under your blanket layers and more layers.

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9. You enjoy rains and ice creams more in winters as compared to summers!



10. You wish if winters could stay more with you and not summers!