10 Things Only Single Girls Understand

10 Things Only Single Girls Understand

The single life is the most complex thing that any girl has to undergo especially in case you have already been in a relationship before. You keep on dreaming about your Prince Charming and yet know deep in your heart that he’s no where around you (at least not right now). So here are a few things only single girls can understand.

You keep on feeling jealous every time you see a cute couple while travelling and just console yourself by saying that you are strong enough to need anybody in your life.


Every time you go to a dance party you do not have a partner and then you know that feeling of forever lonely!
You never ever have Saturday night date plans. And all your committed friends are busy cuddling their partners and you’re miserably binging on popcorn while watching TV series.
You follow those #CoupleGoals on Instagram and look at those insanely cute pictures and simply hope that someday this will be you.
The misery of being that tag along friend every time your best friend lies at her home and constantly thinking about being “kabab mein haddi“.
Every time there is a topic about boyfriends and teasing at home, you’re never a part of the discussion because even your parents know how terribly single you are!
The 1st question even people you meet on Tinder ask you is if you’re single or committed?
So many guys keep on asking you how are you still single despite being all pretty and sweet and cute but never ever ask you out on a real date!
A lot of your days are spent in thinking that what would happen if you actually are committed and then you get grossed out at even that thought.
You know you’re really AWESOME single and would prefer living this life of freedom and self-independence more than anything else.


So raise your hands if you are also in the singles league of woman!

Gif Sources: Tumblr.com