10 Things That Are Never Acceptable in a Relationship

10 Things That Are Never Acceptable in a Relationship

A relationship should always be something that makes you feel better and if there are reasons that is making you fight always and suffer more than be happy then it is time to reconsider the scenario. Here are 10 things that should never be acceptable in a relationship.

Infidelity: You should never accept that you have been cheated upon. No matter how apologetic your other half is. If it is not alright with with you do not accept it under any circumstances.


High-Pitched Arguments: You should never be shouted on by your boyfriend or girlfriend. The moment the fight gets high pitched, you have full rights to walk out of the room and not listen to it at all.
Public Shaming: The only kind of Publicity for couples that is acceptable should be PDA. There is no other way of relationship publicity that should be allowed.
Putting Restrictions: If you know you’re right, go for it. Suggestions are always welcomed but no relationship should have any kind of restriction on the other one.
Spying on Phone: No matter how close you 2 are and night be, spying on the others phone is wrong and is never acceptable.
Belittling the Other: You both are equal in every way and if your partner is trying to belittle you in any form is well-deserved with a stern response and cannot be accepted.
Constant Dominance: This is generally for for the over dominant partner who thinks that their decisions and choices are what matters the most.
Ultimatums: No blackmails at all. You two are equally involved in the relationship and saying again and again the “what if” words should be exempted always.
Arguing Over Ambitions: She wants to be a painter and he wants to be a sommelier is their own calls. If it is unacceptable by the other one then that should be a reason good enough to walk out of it.
Zero Support System: If your partner does not support you on anything and always ends up finding reasons to fight then you should not be the goody-good shoes always accepting it. Fight it over!

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