10 Things That Are Simply Amazing About a Corporate MNC Job

10 Things That Are Simply Amazing About a Corporate MNC Job

The MNCs are the most happening place to be at. If you’ve never worked in one then you must and if you have had that experience then assure all our other readers of the perks that you get at your perfectly awesome corporate job. So the rule of HAPPINESS at any MNC is their everything FREE Policy. Read on to know more!


Free Cab: Imagine getting stuck in traffic and not driving. Instead your office gives you a chauffeur to drive you to work for them and then you can sleep in the cab even if you’re stuck.


Free Coffee, Food: Food is the basic necessity of any human and your MNC understands your psychological need of food and coffee and gives it to you for free.


Free Office Gossip: Who hooked up with who, who broke up and how the CEO is going to leave since he is starting his own business. All this information is what you get absolutely free again!


Free Random Points: Mobile Points, Movie Tickets, Shopping Points basically all these you get for no reason other than you’re working for an MNC.


Free Money for Extra Hours: You work on Saturday, your company pays you. You work for 10 hours instead of 8 hours, your company pays you extra. There is this awesome money tag adjoining to any extra effort you make for your company.


Free Gifts on Diwali, Holi, Independence Day: No matter what festival is round the corner, your HR department has some gifts in store for you. Diwali Gifts are the best with chocolates and perfect utilities!


Free Trips: Your company keeps on organizing outstation trips for interaction and team building of the employees and hence you get to travel and again its absolutely FREE!



Free Awesomeness of Awesome Friends: Perks of working at MNC is that you get people who belong to the similar intellect and age group of you. So its awesomeness of awesome friends!


Free Team Outings: Your team gets a fixed monthly budget and if you manage to save it, you get the perfect team outing which again means free food, free friends and perfect day spend! (no work day too)


Free Random Competitions: If you’re working in an MNC, your HR Department keeps on arranging random competitions to keep you engaged and for your daily doze of fun which is so much better than continuously working and striving through the day.

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