10 Things That Became A Short-Lived Craze On Social Media

10 Things That Became A Short-Lived Craze On Social Media

A friend once quoted, “Everything has a phase!” So, here are these 10 things that became an instant craze on the Social Media and soon lost their charm because the phase changed. Check out the list below:


1. ORKUT: This crazy thing was there and then came the Facebook Revolution and changed everything.


2. Love Quotes and Pages: There used to be a time when these love quotes page were such a craze and now every body have their own break up quotes.
3. Candy-Crush Saga and FarmVille Requests: Once upon a time, every body was playing Candy Crush and then soon-enough everybody was irritated of playing Candy Crush.
4. Pokes and PING! : When initially Facebook was on its toll, poking was the most IN-thing and now its a mystery if that button still exists?
5. Drafts and Notes on Facebook: How everyone wanted to endorse their poetry and made notes on Facebook for others to read. But now, gone are the days.
6. Random Add me as a Friend Trend: Before Privacy Settings, random friend requests was such a norm and boys had better chances to hit it right, but Zuckerberg and his invention. Poor Boys! 😛
7. Bitstrips: Remember those animated US that we shared everyday on Facebook lost their charm when they became too complex to make!
8. The Class Groups: One admin used to make a class group for all the bitching about teachers and which was class’ notice board. But then teachers conquered Facebook. *sigh*
UW Bothell students from the DREAM project.
9. The Prop-Pop: The pictures where in everybody carried a prop on their birthday and posed lost the charm with the same becoming every party’s fun-quotient.
10. The Feeling-This-That-Routine: When the status updates got this feature of feeling and there were randomest of feelings on the earth, the invention lost its charm.


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Image Source: Tumblr.com