10 Things That Girlfriends Go Through After Break Up

10 Things That Girlfriends Go Through After Break Up

Girls when are in love are crazily and madly in love and once out of love, still manage to be crazy and mad. So if you boyfriends were wondering all this while what your girl may be doing post you break up with her, here’s a small list for you:

Ice Cream Binging: The only thing that comes to girls’ rescue post break ups are ice cream tubs and we make them our best friends and binge on them as we watch P.S. I Love You for the millionth time again.
Bucketful of Tears: Girlfriends have the capacity to cry all the time and post break ups since they are too hurt, they can literally fill up buckets of tears and still cry a little more!
Plethora of New Proposals: One good thing that might come amidst this tragic break up are too many options and proposals since boys now know you’re available & vulnerable. Duh.
Rebound Consideration: Every girlfriend goes through the rebound phase where they pick one guy from point 4. and starts to consider him as the best new boyfriend. And that affair does not last more than 4 weeks!
Drunk Text Night: There will be nights when she will cry missing on her boyfriend and will be 16 vodka shots down and will have a drunk call or text to the guy and tell him how much she still loves him & misses him!
Emotional Blackmail: There will be texts going out to the boyfriend hoping that he goes on a guilt trip and gets emotionally blackmailed by reminding him of the awesome dates and his false promises. But that just never happens!
The Gym Phase: Every girl post break up decided almost religiously that she will cut down on all her weight and go on a strict gym regime so that she gets sexier and finds a new boyfriend almost tomorrow!
Crazy Shopping: Shopping is the secret code of happiness and impulsive buying always help us girls get over bad break ups or that is what we like to believe!
Flashback: There are times when girls go back on flashback modes and think of those days when everything was so gooey and mushy and romantic and perfect. That garden, those stolen kisses, his sweatshirt’s smell, the hair on his right cheek. *Coming back to present*
Murder Plans: Watch all the world’s psychological thrillers and think of weirdest murder plans to kill your ex boyfriend so that the revenge is forever taken!


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