10 Things That Girls Find Irresistible in Men

10 Things That Girls Find Irresistible in Men

Dear men,

There are a lot of things that girls have on their wishlist but here we have decoded that list to somewhat pointers that you can inculcate to be the irresistible category!

Chivalry: Never ever will being chivalrous go out of fashion. Pulling out the chair, holding door for their girl; these are the things we girls absolutely adore!


Sharp Jawline: Okay now this is truly a blessing in disguise for the guys who actually have one. I mean look at Damon Salvatore. No girl can resist that guy ever!
Good Cologne or After Shave: If you smell good, it is most likely that you have already won our heart. Good smell is always a turn on no matter what.
Beard: Although it is now over-hyped but still I think a nice bearded man is a definite trait that most of the girls fall for almost instantly.
Husky Voice: This one makes girls go weak in their knees. If you sound amazing over the phone, almost as good as Fawad khan; you’re in our top list already. Welcome abode!
Fit Body: This neither means a bulky full muscular body nor means pigeon chested. This means a guy should be toned and fit enough to make us turn and take a look again.


Sense of Humour: Good sense of humour has and will always be an irresistible trait for girls. A person who cannot make us laugh over random things should not be on our admiration list.
Respectful to Everyone: Not just to me but to my mom, his sister and even to the server who served us at the restaurant. Treat everyone nicely and earn lots of brownie points.
Decent Vocabulary & Good Grammar: NO GIRL will ever like a guy who cannot complete a sentence in decent English and uses second form of verb with did. If you didn’t understand this please study fourth standard English all over again.
A guy who is good with kids: It is so cute to find a guy who can make small kids laugh. Not that we see our future kid’s father in you but because we love kids and if you’re good to them, you’re automatically good for us!


Gif Sources: Tumblr.com