10 Things That Go Through Your Mind As Soon As You Break...

10 Things That Go Through Your Mind As Soon As You Break Your Phone

There is one thing on the planet that we love more than our own lives and the basic human survival would be endangered without this one thing which is our PHONE. We take care of it like our own baby and ensure it is in the best possible condition. But the time that phone breaks, our heart is also shattered into a million pieces. Here are 10 things that we suffer if our phone breaks.


1. *Phone banging sound* then sheer silence. That feeling when you know, Shit!! Ab toh main gaya!



2. Thought of killing people who say “Insurance kara li thi maine toh phone ki.”



3. Thoughts of people you can put the blame on for breaking the phone.



4. That awkward feeling when you break your phone and all you can think of is the advertisement of your mobile brand saying its unbreakable.



5. The mind plays the song “Everything you touch only dies” on repeat mode over and over again.



6. Thinking about your Made in China screen guard and the money you wasted in that.



7. The witty weird thought that ‘ab toh mummy papa iPhone6 le denge.’



8. Thinking about your contacts saved in phone memory and cursing yourself for not having a back up.



9. All those high scored that you have made in games on this phone are gone forever.



10. Running your mind on the probable explanations to give to mom for your obvious carelessness.


So, once your phone is gone nothing can be done about it. But be prepared with the est possible explanations. And I am truly and genuinely sorry about your loss. R.I.P. Phone! We’ll miss you.


Source: Tumblr.com and Pinterest