10 Things That Happen To You if You Are the Only Child

10 Things That Happen To You if You Are the Only Child

How we envy the other kids always but forget at times how fortunate we are. So here are 10 ultimate things that happen in your life if you happen to be the ONLY child of your parents:

Over Protective Parents: We are used to living our lives in a zone where our parents worry way too much about us since we are the only ONE!


Pampering Unlimited: Along with that protection we are way too pampered. In case we have asked for something, there is no way we do not get it.
Too Many Expectations: In return to all the love we get, our parents also expect too much out of us and think that we can achieve anything and everything.
Work your a** off: As they expect a lot from us and we love them way too much we also believe in working way too hard to achieve whatever they ask us for.
Sometimes Life is Boring: Ofcourse at times, life gets boring because we do not have someone to bug and chill with all the time unlike our friends who have siblings.
Big Family Outings: We absolutely love the concept of having family outings where everyone is together and chit chat because that what is a true family all about.
Friends are World: We try and find all the world’s happiness in our friends as they are always with us and we know they completely mean it also.
Sharing is not Caring for Us: The concept of sharing is a bit incomprehensive for us as we do not know how to do it. We have never been taught this and have no clue what it means to be living like that.
Attention Seekers: We might come as the biggest attention seekers of all time and to be very honest, we blame it on our parents because they give us all the world’s attention.
Money Savers: Okay it is not like that we do not spend, but of course spending on one kid instead of one is any day better and less spendthrift.


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