10 Things That Happen When You Are Friends With Your Cousin

10 Things That Happen When You Are Friends With Your Cousin

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Initially you fight with them, you don’t get along with them and in first place you don’t really like them but cousins are that fun part of our family those we really need. They make relatives bearable for us and family functions worth going. Life becomes pretty easy when you are friends with your cousin and you can share few moments from the following:


1. You realize their importance more when you are grown up.


2. They are your partner in crime at boring family functions.


3. You see them like your friends and treat them as ones.


4. You no more need a permission for night stays and night outs with them!


5. It’s fun to bitch with them and observe your weird relatives.


6. They become a reason to stay late and bear family dinners.


7. Family occasions become a grand affair because of expected fun.


8. Shopping for family weddings has got all new excitement levels.


9. You start sharing your life stories with them as you know you aren’t being judged.


10. You hear them out as you know an honest opinion is coming your way.


Cousins are our friends in family whom we never paid attention to but understand their importance with time. 

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