10 Things That Make Girls Secretly Jealous Of Guys

10 Things That Make Girls Secretly Jealous Of Guys

Where guys think that girls have problem with every act of theirs’, let us make you aware that they are jealous too! Yes, of you! Girls jealous of guys… but why? And How? There are many things that guys have an upper hand at and on the other side, girls face hassles! Like these:

1. Guys can pick just one shirt, one pair of pants and wear multiple colors of them till the day they die.



2. Buying under garments for men is A LOT easier.



3. They eat as much as they and never gain an inch!



4. And of course! Peeing is never an issue for them.



5. They don’t need to worry about- How to approach a girl? What she’ll think or feel? Where for girls it always remain a roller coaster ride.



6. We need to spend a hell lot of time in deciding what to wear every time we need to step out.



7. “How come shaving is a choice for them and waxing not for us?”



8. Society accepts funda of guys having ‘fun’ with whomsoever they want quite well.



9. For guys, its easy to get away from stuff they do in name of stress, pressure or work load.



10. Unlike us they have a better hand at handling emotions!


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