10 Things That Prove You Are Crazy For Footwears

10 Things That Prove You Are Crazy For Footwears

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Are you crazy for footwears, so much so that you own 100s of them and still feel you have none?? This one’s for you darling!

1. Your collection will have all varieties ranging from flats, stilettos, wedges, heels etc.


2. Your shopping spree starts and ends with shoes/ bellies and sandals.


3 You will know each footwear outlet and websites to flood your collection big time.


4. You buy a footwear first then a dress to match with them.


5. Your love for footwear is known to the whole World that people end up gifting you only footwear.


6. Your mom is almost horrified wen u go shopping…abki baar ek aur footwear layi toh dekh Lena 😉


7. You end up buying so many footwear that u don’t even get to wear them….by the time they are small or out of fashion!


8.You are sad when you like a footwear but your size is not available. BUHUHUHUHU… :(


9. For foot wear …paise ki kami nahi hai


10. Your obsession for shoes make you such that you end up noticing only  “the shoes” which other person is Wearing.


Gifs source- Giphy.com and Tumblr.com