10 Things That Prove You Have No Life Without Your Phone

10 Things That Prove You Have No Life Without Your Phone

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We have become slaves to technology and now it is exactly what is ruling us. There are some people who cannot absolutely live without their phones even for 5 nanoseconds and if you are one of them, please read through these points and discover the symptoms of this sickness:

That mini heart-attack you get when you cannot find it is a proof enough at first go to know that you have no life without your phone at all.


You wake up in morning to light of your mobile phone flashing on your face and with those half drowsy eyes, you check your whatsapp feed and then even sometimes try to respond to the messages.


A piece of your dies a little when someone takes it from you even for 10 seconds. Like it must be in someone else’s hand for clicking a picture and soon you will realize how much you’re already missing on it.
You need to check it at constant intervals of maximum 10 minutes or less. It has to be a constant ritual.
You find ways to take it even to the bathroom and get disappointed when you figure out none without damaging it.
It hurts you when you look at your phone after 20 minutes and notice that there is no notifications. I mean how is that even possible? No whatsapp, no calls, no shopping cart messages even?
Your battery is almost nearing to be finished all the time and you are most of the time found near a socket even in parties.
Your parents have completely given up on you and have accepted you wholly with your phone! Its as if your phone is forever stuck with you and your parents have no adapted to living with that.
When someone asks you to follow them to some place, you accidentally start thinking of twitter and Instagram instead of actually following them.
You read all the above mentioned points on your phone and just realized how true all this is!


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