10 Tough Facts For a Better Year Which No One Will Tell...

10 Tough Facts For a Better Year Which No One Will Tell You

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Now that the New Year craze is over and the holidays are off the charts, let us kickstart the year with some Food for Thought. We all need a beautiful and better start to the year, so here are 10 things that must be on your calendar noted to make it a better year!


The wisest practice that any body could adopt this year is to learn to let go. Let go off anything that holds you down, brings you pain and makes you feel bad about yourself.



Learn to start taking ownership of things that you have done in your life. Mistakes are life experiences and accepting that makes you a bigger person.
Your only limit is YOU. The only thing that can limit you from achieving anything is the idea of it being unachievable in your mind. Everything can be learnt and done.
You cannot please everyone. The hard truth of life is that even when you try to please people, they find reasons to blame you for all the pleasures also they have achieved. So just plan to please one person: YOURSELF. That is exactly what will make your life better.
Whatsoever you do, do with all that you are and all that you can be. Half-way trying to achieve things is going to get you only half the distance and success. Only the things done with all vigour is what will serve the best.
Build an inner enthusiasm and you will find achievements and success so easily. Thinking with optimism and foreseeing positive result is the best confidence booster.
Simply stop procrastinating. While you’re postponing the things, life is speeding by and you’re losing on all the right moments of happiness. So just get that lazy a** of yours working. RIGHT AWAY!
Learn to appreciate what you have, learn to appreciate what others have done and believe me, life is beautiful. We are spending half of our life thinking about things we don’t own and getting jealous of what others do. Stop that right away.
Never leave your dream world. Instead find a way to convert your dream world into a reality. Your dreams are merely the things that you wish to achieve, so why not simply chase them and make them yours?
Knowing one plain fact that you do not know what the future holds but you know that you hold your future is the beauty of life. So make it worth living.



Cheers to you all for a perfect 2016!

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