10 Things to Do With Your Best Friend at least Once

10 Things to Do With Your Best Friend at least Once

You two have been friends forever and now you have aged but yet have too many things that you still are longing to do together, then here is the perfect bucket list for you to explore. Go read on!

Sneak out: If you are 2 BFFs and have not done this already then you are lagging behind in your life. Plan a sneak out together and have too much of fun anybody could ever have.
Wedding Crash: Get all fancy dressed up and crash a wedding together. Eat lots of food, binge on desserts and just have a blast.
Road Trip: Pick your car keys, dart pin on any of the places on the map and just leave to nowhere. Trust me, it is going to be one of the best decisions you could have taken in your life.
Sleepover: Visit each other’s place and have a sleep over with zero sleep obviously. Plan crazy ideas for the sleepover, click lots of pictures and have an amazing time together!
Crazy Cooking: Think of any dish that you would have fancied and plan a cooking session together. Go grocery shopping and do crazy cooking. It does not matter how the dish turns out to be if you have had enough fun making it.
Shop & Bargain: Go together for a shopping spree to a local awesome market and shop and bargain together. The power of 2 at bargains always fetch you better results.
Matching Outfit: Plan on a day where you two wear matching outfits to college. It looks crazy but that is the fun part of it and the world should know that you 2 are meant for each other.


Hit on Random Strangers: Go to an absolutely random bar or a mall or a cafe and plan on hitting on strangers. Be each others wingman and just have awesome time!


Secret Code Names for Your Crushes: BFFs generally do this when they have whacky names for each others crush and the secret coded language in which they talk and if you have not done this yet, try it out. There is nothing better than confusing the world together.
Read a Book Together: Buy the same book and start reading it together. Discuss on the characters and get each others opinions about what character who loves more. Try this with especially 50 Shades of Grey and you will be amazed with the levels of conversations.


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Gif Sources: Tumblr.com