10 Things To Experiment With in Your 20s

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    We are most experimental during our 20s since it is the age when we can explore the new possibilities, go out and explore new things, have distinguished life experiences and just enjoy. So why to waste even a minute of that youthful age where we can utilize all our powers to just be amazing. Here are 10 things that you must do in your 20s.


    Go get those hair streaked or colored in a random color. Ombre, burgandy, neon green whatever fancies you. Just try it. You can always switch it back to black if it does not suit you.


    Go get inked. This is the time inking suits you and looks absolutely stunning. Although it is a big life decision since it stays with you forever. So no tentative girlfriend names please!
    Go fall head over heels in love with a celebrity and go to any extremes just to meet them for once. What better than meeting the love of your life and that too a celebrity. No spying or crazy follow ups but.
    Gatecrash a wedding. Go to a wedding with friends, binge on awesome food, dress up as if you know everybody and just have fun. If you’re the too experimental kind, go dance with the relatives, get clicked with the couple and gift them an empty envelope.
    Run away from your home without telling anybody at home. Just see after how long your family members notice you gone and not around. But do return back after few hours. It should be just a fun activity.
    Splurge without looking the price tag. Everybody dreams of this but one day make sure you do this. Please also ensure that it is your own money and you’re not spending all your parents money on random things.
    Stay for a day in an insanely expensive luxurious hotel. Just experience the pleasure of pure luxury even if for a day. Trust me, it is an amazing feeling.
    Just challenge yourself to become extremely fit. Take any goal like having a kickass amazing ass and start on your regime. Go crazy about it and achieve it in a very less time.
    Do cafe/ restaurant hopping. It sounds freakishly crazy but honestly it is a lifetime opportunity. You’re in your 20s you must go experiment with everything and eat anything that you fancy.
    Act stupid slurry drunk. Do not drink at all and act as if you’re drunk AF and see how people react to your behaviour. It sounds very childlike but when you’re doing it you will be the one having maximum fun.

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