10 Things To Happen When You Have A Possessive Friend

10 Things To Happen When You Have A Possessive Friend

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We all a bunch of mixed maniac friends in our life! And the one who takes up our most of the time are the- possessive ones. You have an unusual love-hate relation with them but you can’t ignore them. Being with them is a roller coaster ride within itself and here are few experiences to explore:

1. He/she calls you at least 10-20 times a day!


2. It rings a bell in their head whenever you talk to a stranger!


3. Even worse! When they act all protective around your chuddy-buddy as well.


4. You are often their victim of ‘You-don’t-understand-what-I-mean!’ lectures.


5. Supported by, “You’ll never understand how much I care for you.”


6. They always want you to be the closest to them and no one else.


7. They wish to be your not only 4 a.m but any a.m friend!


8. They often top the chats of your WhatsApp and log list.



9.Choosing between your relationship and friendship becomes the worst situation ever!


10. But we all need someone like that because we know, we can’t do without their love & care. <3


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