10 Things To Know Before You DARE To Travel Abroad

10 Things To Know Before You DARE To Travel Abroad

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Haven’t we all thought about this- about how we would survive alone in the country we have no clue about? To put an end to this wonder, we have compiled a list of 10 ways you can survive in an unknown country.

1- If you are traveling to another country, the first way to survive is to not go there at all. But if you have already made up your mind about your travel, follow the other points.

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2- Try not to look like a tourist when you are abroad. Paint yourself with the color of your choice, and camouflage yourself to fit in. Pretend to be one of the locals. If you are lucky no one will notice.

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3- Keep yourself and your belongings safe. Stay up all night, be alert all the time, learn martial arts, employ ninjas etc.

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4- When in a restaurant order something that you cannot pronounce and hope for the best.

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5- When visiting tourist spots, find a tour guide, hold their hand at all times so that you don’t get lost. If they don’t let you hold their hand, try tying a rope around your waist and theirs. I am sure they won’t mind that.

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6- If you are out clubbing and want to attract some chicks, then follow the steps of this charmer. Works every time.

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7- Keep phone numbers of family and friends and firemen and security guards and the person who smiled at you at the coffee shop, the guy who tried to rob you, the old lady crossing the street and, of course, the cops.

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8- Most people, while traveling, worry about the food that they will get abroad. Therefore, to survive there without compromising your beliefs, I suggest that you don’t eat anything at all. Drink water if you can, but who knows what has been added to that too, right? Starve yourself until you return home.

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9- Learn new phrases from the locals and use them whenever you can.


10- This is the most important one: as soon as you enter the country, look for a hunk or a beauty, fall in love and get married. If you are lucky, you will get to live your dream, have a great time there and possibly even come back home. But if you’re not so blessed by the stars, be prepared to be assaulted mentally and physically, face misery, and lose all your money along with your hopes of returning home.

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Hope this was helpful. To get some more tips on traveling, you will have to wait because to create something so beautiful even a genius needs time.