10 Things to Remember Before Travelling Solo

10 Things to Remember Before Travelling Solo

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As much fun as travelling solo sounds and all those travel freaks going completely psyched about it, just know it is not as convenient as you think. There are a million problems and issues that need to be covered up, s just go through the check list and be go happy travelling.

Solitude is Boring: Although you’re all set for this but just know that being alone while travelling might sometimes get boring. *BEWARE*
Danger Ahead-Face on Your Own: There might be times when you might face some kind of dangers and since again you’re travelling solo you will have nobody to have your back.
Well Armed is the Right Way: Not that you should carry knives and guns but please make sure that you’re having your gears and torches etc in place.
Have Your Requirements in Place: There will not be mom to take care of you on this solo trip so carry your tooth brush, your wear your jackets and do not let yourself die in no-blanket cold.
No Risk Taking with the Way: Ensure that you go down only the roads and paths that you know off Always carry a map since GPS won’t forever be there with you. And solo travellingĀ also puts this responsibility on you.
Surprises are Both Ways- Good & Bad: There might be times that you get pleasantly surprised with a beautiful sunrise view and there might be times when you see a steep valley, so just be all geared up for any kind of surprises.
Zero Connectivity: Again every village is not going to give you 3G so there will be times when you’ll have nothing to do and unlike sitting at home, there won’t even be any Facebook to catch up on updates.
Awesomeness of Creepy Thoughts: You’ve got nobody as a company so all the thoughts that come to your mind will have to be shared only with one person-YOU. So exempt yourself from having any kind of creepy thoughts.
Post Travelling Happiness-Lag: Happiness of covering your journey with perfection is simply beyond explanation and although you might have some travel lag it will definitely be worth it.
No Compromise with Safety: This is the most crucial point since you’re alone please ensure your safety in every manner. Just carry your devices and every safety measure covered.


So all set for your next solo travelling trip now?

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