10 Things We All Plan For Our First Night Out

10 Things We All Plan For Our First Night Out

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Isn’t it amazing how random we get in our heydays & keep coming up with one or the other idea of doing something fun! Like burning crackers at the neighbour’s door, stepping out of the home while everyone is asleep, planning slumbers & to rise in the dark nights. The planning starts months before & the most safest reasons are taken into consideration to make everything fall in place!


1. We start building base with the most common excuses, like group studies or a friend’s birthday.


2. We plan to leave our friends’ parents number. (But we all know whose number is that)


3. Everything is full proofed when asked questions like, What you are planning to do? Aesa kya hai jo sirf raat ko ho sakta hai?


4. Remember! It’s always an ALL girls or ALL boys party.


5. Wandering on roads is not something you are thinking off! It’s just an indoor slumber.


6. A puppy face in front of parents make sure that you are alien to terms like drinking or clubbing!


7. Being the first night out, one thing you make sure is about being present in every selfie.


8. We put 10 check-ins of 10 different places in one night.


9. We make sure not to carry the hangover while carrying our self back home.



10. And the most important thing! That each friend of yours tell the same story if asked, “What happened last night?”

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