10 Things We Are Going To Miss After Diwali

10 Things We Are Going To Miss After Diwali

We all are still under the hangover of our festive mood but so soon it has come to an end! :( This is the most awaited time of the year and whenever it begins, it fills us with joy and when it comes to an end we all get upset and sigh! Diwali is one of our favourite festivals and the most beautiful ones and now when we have celebrated it with full fun and fervour, we are going to miss after diwali and how!


1. Getting decked up every other day to party or distribute Diwali.

Girl Bag


2. Drinking like a wish! Sorry, fish.



3. Over-night card parties and trying your luck!

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4. The joy of winning & sadness of losing in teen patti.


5. Getting gifts and lots of fooooood to eat.


6. Meeting long lost friends & making new friends at every card party.

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7. Decorating your house and having those beautiful lights arounds!

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8. You’ll miss lighting those diyas and candles.


9. The time you don’t mind chilling with your family, relatives or colleagues!


10. You had a great time and already waiting for this festive season to come again with lots of *chuttis*.



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