10 Things We Secretly Do When No One Is Watching

10 Things We Secretly Do When No One Is Watching

Those times when nobody is around and you’re all by yourself is considered to be a sad time. But people don’t know much about the crazy things we teenagers do when we’re alone. So here’s a list of secret things we do when nobody is watching and are so much fun!


1. Play Candy-Crush in the bathroom: Yes, we all do that. Sitting in the washroom and minding our own business is generally accompanied by candy-crush. No it’s not disgusting. It’s fun! Believe me.



2. Google “Kya karu? I am bored.”: You will be called a liar if you have never in your life google-d this! Every time when we are bored, google is the only thing that comes to rescue. And yes, it gives you brilliant suggestions.



3. Drinking Straight from the Bottle: Mom says “It’s criminal to drink straight from the bottle” & that is exactly why we do it when she is not around. It is strange satisfaction to have water directly from the bottle instead of going and making effort to do it by pouring it in glass. *Efforts*



4. Sketching on the magazines covers: Every time VOGUE arrives home, you don’t adore the cover photo instead go and draw underarm hair of the models and mustaches of course! Because it’s too mainstream to have clean-shaved female models.



5. Talking Siri: You have a million times told Siri that you love her and you every time wait for a different response from her side. And if she does not respond the way you want her to you tell her to f**k off also!



6. Teased a small kid in the car next-to-you and make him cry: We’ve all done this and dare you deny on it. While waiting on the traffic signal you’ve made weird faces to the kid in the car next to you when his/her mom is not watching and as soon as s/he starts crying, it’s as if you’re the most innocent one on the planet!



7. Licked Chocolate off the table: When you’re too indulged in that chocolate and then suddenly a portion drops down and you sneakily look around and then pick it up and put it back in your mouth.



8. Skipping washing the hands in the winters: It’s Delhi-winter cold and you go to the washroom and shamelessly come out without washing your hands because its freezing cold and you convince yourself “It’s just a one time thing.”



9. Practicing your fight-speech: Imagining scenarios, thinking how the fight with your boy/ girl friend will go and preparing yourselves with the best defense and responses. Of course the mirror always help you with this one!



10. Peeing in the swimming pool: If you just did “NOOOOO….” then you’re definitely the one whose peed in the swimming pool.



All of you raise your hands who’ve agree on doing all of these! Hi-Five for that because you guys are the coolest bunch who enjoy solitude also so much. Thums Up for you all!