10 Things You Expect When You are in a Serious Relationship

10 Things You Expect When You are in a Serious Relationship

Love is a beautiful drug that intoxicates you in its sweetness. Once you find that right partner to fall for, somebody who literally and figuratively sweeps you off your feet then there are times you are irrationally and irrevocable in love. So here are 10 things that partners expect from each other when they are in a Serious-Bound-For-Forever-Kind-of-Relationship.

Attention: Once you get committed to a person learn to devote your attention to them. Then the PSPs or the make-up tutorials or anything should not be your priority over them. They should also know you want them to stay.
Time: No matter how much on a time crunch you are, once you get serious your partner needs time. It is imperative for you to drop them a call at least once a day. He/ she has given you all the world’s happiness, the least you could do is give them time.
Loyalty:This goes without saying. Loyalty is like the foundation stone of your love bubble at the 1st place. If he/she is your “bae or princess or munchkin” then she better be the only ONE.
Accepting the flaws: When in for a relationship, accepting that your love eats with hands and cant use folk and knife or that he snores while he sleeps, everything becomes non-existent. Because you simply love him/ her for everything they are!
Flirtiationship: You need to work hard to make that spark alive. Know one thing, after some time the stories are going to end so you both need to keep flirting with one another and keep the romance going.
Staying Together: He/she has to be one who stands by your side in thick and thin, has your back when you feel low and understands your problems as though its their. Then only is that a relation that is going to stay strong.
Clarity of Thought: You both should have clarity in your thought process and discuss mutually where this relationship is going to go 5 years down the line. And once you both are on the same page, it is perfect time to know you’re ready for next step.
Intimacy: That touch, those stolen kisses, that awesome hug from behind and some damn intimate make outs are an imperative part of any relationship. So stay all touchy ALWAYS.
Accepting Jealousy: Know that if he/ she is jealous then they are truly in love with you. Any serious relationship comes with jealousy and though trust factor is very vital, a tad-bit of jealousy is completely justified and totally CUTE!
Dealing with Problems: Your compatibility should ideally be strong enough to deal with each others problems as well as your relationship troubles with ease. Some fights are simply for no reason at all and you both should learn to deal with them.


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